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All that you should know before participating in clinical trials


Clinical trial have been a major area of fulfilling the requirement of growth in clinical research and collecting data for various treatment procedure. There is yet a lot to be done in the field of clinical research. Every day different kind of trial are conducted, they include projects on different studies. From COPD, Depression, Birth control, Asthma, diabetes to asthma are some of the most commonly participated projects. One can contribute to improvement or treatment of health procedure by participating as a volunteer for many of the South Florida’s clinical trials research project.

Participation in a clinical trial helps the medical field to progress. Along with the progress in medication field, it helps an individual in contributing to the larger goal of developing human agency. To participate in a clinical trial, the researcher sets a criterion to choose or to allow one for participation. To know whether a person is capable of participation or not, you have to checklist some standard. The standards are known as ‘inclusion criteria’ whereas sometimes they are deliberately set out as ‘exclusion criteria’. While the former is about possessing certain qualities mentioned in inclusion criteria, the latter is about  ‘unwanted attributes’ which restricts an individual.These criteria are contingent upon the health and physical status such as previous treatment history, stage of disease, any other medical specificities.

However, apart from medical and physical prerequisite criteria there are some legal requirements as well.A document commonly known as ‘informed consent’ should not be ignored if one is willing to participate. The informed consent document constitutes important facts such as:

The purpose of conducting a trial.

The duration of the trial for you.

The examiner and professionals involved in trials.

Looking at the information required by researcher

The protocol of the trial.

How will you reimburse for other expenses?

How the daily life will be affected, after participating in a trial?

Different Phases of the clinical trial.

But these are not all the information you need rely upon totally. Make sure that whatever else you want to know you ask freely to the research organisers.Leaving any terms and conditions uncleared before trial would create problems for when the trial is in progress.

Once you are assured with the procedural characteristics of the trial make sure you also consider the benefits that are available to you as a volunteer. Even though you are participating voluntarily, you have certain benefits of participating in a clinical trial. Benefits may vary from access to the drug for which the trial has been constructed, regular health check up when the trial ends up, receiving a certificate along with a stipend. Do not overlook these personal benefits as these are yours only.

Clinical trials require extreme care and observance. If a single thing does not go in the planned way, the trail would bring negative result. It should be the utmost concern for one who is willing to to participate in a clinical trial to look at the experience and competency of the institutions.As some new institution or agency would end up wasting time and effort.

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