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Anavar Reviews for Men & Women Bodybuilders

Anavar is classified as a mild anabolic steroid which was developed to treat weight loss issues. It helps patients to regain and maintain a healthy weight which is often seen in after a surgery or severe trauma or chronic infections. It provides benefits and also helps underweight people and those suffering from Osteoporosis in reducing bone pain.

Later, Anavar was found to be similar to testosterone helping to lose fat, building strength, gaining lean muscle mass and growth of muscle tissues. Hence, it is used by many body builders and athletes. It is a preferred drug due to the weight loss affects and muscle gains which are not due to water retention. This means you would not lose it even after stopping Anavar. Anavar does not convert into estrogen at low doses but will shut down natural testosterone at high doses.

Reviews of Anavar:

  1. Fat loss: Anavar provides benefits and is very effective in weight loss while retaining the lean muscle mass. This should be combined with a healthy diet and proper workout schedule to get the desired results.

It is a good choice to make for weight loss especially around the abdomen.

  1. Taking a good PCT after Anavar will help you to retain the muscle gain and the fat lost. SO you get long lasting effects with Anavar. This is because the muscle is not due to water retention and hence, the muscle gain is dry, muscles are harder and are very well defined. After the Anavar cycle, a PCT is required if you observe changes in size of your testes and libido.
  2. Anavar does not aromatise which means it does not convert into estrogen. So, there are no side effects like changes in breast size in men or gynecomastia or water retention.
  3. Strength: Anavar gives very quick results in span of 1-2 weeks. You can also see good increase in strength also as showed in a study.
  4. It helps you in faster recovery while any injury during workouts. It also helps you work out intensively on the same parts for many times. It does not affect your cardio while doing intense workouts.
  5. You can use testosterone as a base for your cycle with Anavar to get big benefits from Anavar. This is preferably good than stacking Anavar with Testosterone.

For Women:

  1. Anavar is a great drug for women. It works at a very low dose and gives you excellent results. Anavar works for women like testosterone for men. It helps in building muscle without worrying about Virilization effects. With a low dose of 5-20mg women can expect great muscle gains.
  2. Anavar gives an athletic look to the physique. The excellent strength and muscle gain are something that will be sure appreciated.
  3. Women do not need to run a PCT after Anavar. Instead what many women do is reduce the dose at the end of the cycle and eat with extra care 2 weeks before ending the cycle. This will help to reduce the shock after going off from Anavar.