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Concentrate more on food and food habits

eating food habit

For women there are more possibilities are there to get over weight when compared to men. Because their body needs to change in many circumstance. This is because a woman needs to gibe delivery birth. For this the hormonal changes are high in women body. In order to give back the shape and health of the women to them is the duty of this society. This is why this magazine has concentrated more on this part in order to help the women. This book called old school new body which is written by Steve Holman and John Rowley. They both have nearly 27 years of experience in the health and health measure tips and training.

How does this training helps?

They will give you stress free exercise and health tips. The methods of doing these steps are really very simple and easy to do. They would not make you to lose your money. Some of the common tips that are provided by this company are about the food and the food taking timings. Like in drinking the water, you are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. This will flash out the poisonous components from the body. And you should not drink water much before and after taking the food or meals. This will dilute the digesting acid in your body. So that the digestion process will get slow down and affects your health. The undigested food will gives you trouble and the partly digested food will transformed in to the fat content in your body. These fats will develop in to cholesterol and your stomach will get bulge. This is the way you are getting the big belly stomach. And if this continues with no body work, then you will be affected from the problem of obesity. Then the next thing is you should not postpone your breakfast time. It is not compulsory for every human to eat the food for three times a day. You can take your meals separated or six times also. This will also lesser your digestion work and make your stomach happy.

Another simple advice is to take the food type which is very less to craving. Not only this but also it is better to take food with low calories item. Then only you can naturally reduce your unnecessary calories and the bad cholesterol. The old school new body exercises are totally different from all other. They are advising you to watch each and every item that you are having in for you. You should not eat while you are playing, walking and or doing any other works or activity. You need to concentrate on the food whatever you are having. Do like walk after taking the meals or dinner. Do not sit all the time simple. You can also advise to do light aerobics daily in the morning time. Also they are giving you the exercise for the age of 35 plus people. Avoid taking of artificial food every time.