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D-BOL Beginner’s Guide: Dosage, Side Effects, and PCT

Dianabol has a very good reputation when it comes to muscle mass building. But one thing that makes this a “not so perfect drug” is that, it can help you rapidly increase your gains, but it can be lost if you don’t know how to use the product properly. Now you might wonder how you can use Dianabol and maximize its benefits safely.

There’s one thing that you can do to achieve this. Do your research. It pays if we take the time to do a research about the Dbol only cycle for beginners. Through this, you would be able to know what to expect with the product, the right dosage, and frequency, as well some techniques on how to use it properly to avoid wasting the gains that were achieved.

The Dianabol (D-Bol) Dosage

Dianabol is very popular in bulking cycles and it is not recommended if you are looking for a steroid to be used for cutting. This steroid has a very short half-life of 5 to 6 hours. This is one of the shortest to live but fast acting steroid on the market today. Some bodybuilders or lifters who use D-bol take it for a couple of weeks before starting a steroid cycle. This is basically used to kickstart your result.

In dosages, as advised, D-bol should be taken by 10mg continuously for 4 weeks and see results of 15 to 20 pounds of muscle. But there is no specific dosage when it comes to Dianabol. What others do is an experiment on different dosages until they find the best match for them. Remember not to exceed 50 mg a day. If you overdo it, you will experience unexpected side effects. Again, beginners can take 10 to 20 mg a day, while experienced users can have 40 to 50 mg a day or less for maximum results.

Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol is hepatotoxic in nature. This means that this steroid has a toxic effect on the liver. If a user does not use it responsibly, there can be a potential damage to the liver. But you can safely avoid this to happen by making sure that you are using the steroid responsibly. The liver enzymes might go overdrive while you are on steroids, it will go back to its normal level once you stopped using steroids.

The Dianabol PCT or Post Cycle Therapy

This is a method where you are helping your body recover from the stress that was brought about by Dianabol use. Whether you used a Dbol only cycle for beginners or stacked it with other steroids, it is important that you know how to protect your gains. And the only way to retain your hard-earned gains is by making sure that you are following an effective PCT. This will return the body’s hormonal balance and continue to produce testosterone

When you are a beginner, using steroids can be very scary, especially if you don’t know anything about the product. This is why a product research is very important. You can always visit bodybuilding websites and forums so that you will understand which dosage is the best for you. Always start at a low dose and you will be okay.