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General Health

Dealing with Obesity

One of the astounding global health issue today is obesity. It is defined as a condition wherein the person is so overweight that it is starting to affect the health of the individual. It is a typical result of overeating essentially of unhealthy food and lack of physical activity. In the modern world where the high-calorie food or junk food as one calls it are extremely cheap and easily available, the prepared foods are high in salt, sugars or fat, and to add to the disasters lifestyle has become way too sedentary along with increasing urbanization and ease of transportation which have together led to a rise in obesity all around the world. Obesity in fact, has become a subject of international concern because it has come up more like an epidemic.

People have started to become aware of this world issue and are working towards the eradication of this epidemic. However, only 8% of the total population affected by obesity is only working to cure themselves of the overweight. A mixture of exercises along with a healthy diet is sometimes mixed with anorectics like Lorcaserin to fasten the process of weight loss. Lorcaserin activates serotonin receptors to reduce appetite and produce a sensation of satiety which makes the person feel full as a result one tends to eat smaller meals. This also prevents the person from overeating facilitating weight loss.

Health impacts of obesity

Obesity does not present itself with any particular symptoms except that of the increasing body weight. Other complaints often made by the patients afflicted with obesity include shortness of breath, tiredness, fatigue, lethargy, over-sweating, etc. however, there are a plethora of health risks that accompany overweight like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis. Even cancers of endometrial lining, breast or colon can follow. Among children, obesity can be associated with an increased probability of premature death or even disability during adulthood. Obesity not only affects the bodily health but the mind also. Society often tends to look down upon the obese eventually causing depression in them. Teenagers are the easiest targets of the social impacts. They face problems within the peer groups that leads to hazardous mental effects. Sleep apnea or insomnia can also be caused due to the various ill effects of the obesity. Medical conditions like stroke, high blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, are also on the high. Altogether the aftermath of obesity is an ultimate decline in the life span of the person.

Solution to the problem

WHO has declared obesity to be a global epidemic. Earlier, it was a disease of the high-income nations only. But today, the trend is global. With growing cases, there is an increasing need to address the public and make them aware regarding the morbid effects of it. Also, the public should be educated that anorectics like lorcaserin activates serotonin receptors and can be taken as medications on the prescription of a doctor to facilitate better and speedy weight loss. These have mild side effects associated therefore these drugs should be used only in the required dosage with a proper prescription. Healthy dietary habits coupled with an active lifestyle is a must requirement by the people of all age group in order to target prevention obesity.