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Do You Have Vision Problems? LASIK Eye Surgery May Be the Answer

There was once a time when people with eye problemssuch as short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism could only wear special prescription glasses to repair their vision. Of course, as soon as the glasses were removed, their problems returned. Glasses themselves can be a particular problem for sports participants or for those who simply don’t like the look of them.

Eye problems have been around since day one, and many doctors and specialists have sought permanent ways to correct vision over the centuries. Glasses, of course, have had the most long-lasting impact, and it is common to see people wearing them, but relatively new procedures such as LASIK surgery have truly come to the fore in recent years and are now sought by many people with various kinds of common vision problems.

LASIK Eye Surgery

A relatively recent development in eye correction surgery is called LASIK eye surgery, or Laser insitu Keratomileusis if you want to get technical about it! During LASIK eye surgery, the eye surgeon cuts a very small part of the patient’s cornea, lifts it, and then reshapes it with a precise laser beam. This reshaping is intended to correct the lens of the eye so that problems like astigmatism, short sightedness, and long sightedness are corrected.

Many clinics now offer the LASIK procedure, and it is a simple matter of calling and booking in for an appointment in most cases. If you’re interested in this type of corrective surgery, there is an eye clinic in Singapore offering LASIK surgery.

The Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a great way to correct many vision problems, but what advantages does it offer? Consider the following benefits:

  • Painless: Unlike older forms of eye surgery, the recovery period after a LASIK procedure is relatively painless for most people. There are no knives involved, and the laser that is used is very precise. This translates to a more pain-free experience in most situations.
  • Success rate: Though there may be cases where LASIK eye surgery is either unsuited or does not work as well as hoped, in most cases it does correct vision. In fact, the patient will see a difference in their vision almost immediately because their cornea has been permanently reshaped!
  • Fast: The recovery after LASIK eye surgery is rapid and there are no bandages or eye patches required. This means that a patient can live their life as normal almost immediately!
  • Changes: It is very common that as we get older our vision changes. For example, many people who are short-sighted when young will often find that their sight self-corrects as they get older, due to changes in their cornea. One of the biggest benefits of LASIK surgery is that any shaping done can be reshaped years later, if required to further correct vision.

As with any surgery, appropriate research should be done beforehand, and all of the advantages and disadvantages studied and discussed with a health professional. Even though LASIK surgery may not be suited to everyone, it offers a fast, affordable, and potentially permanent way of correcting many common vision problems.