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Equip To Brace Up Your Smile With Braces

It is well said that the best makeup one can wear is the Smile…..and it does not cost a penny!!!

To have a real attractive healthy smile that gets noticed by all is a dream of everyone. It makes us feel good about ourselves and improves our self-confidence. Some people have crooked teeth which are very prone to tooth decay and gum diseases. To have a solution to the problem of chipped and broken teeth and to position back the displaced teeth in order to have healthy and straight teeth orthodontics has been very helpful.

The dental braces Birmingham have been a boon for millions of people longing to have a beautiful smile. There is a comprehensive range of braces available these days and the choice is not limited to one or two options only.

The various types of braces include:

Lingual braces:

These are virtually invisible braces and are worn behind the teeth. The lingual braces are the best option if you don’t want anyone to get to know that you are wearing braces. The treatments with the lingual braces are completed within 6 and 16 weeks depending upon the circumstances of the individual.

The six months smiles program:

This is a cosmetic brace that uses the newest technologies and gently straightens the teeth in an average time of six months. These are made of white wires and clear brackets. These are far less visible than the conventional braces but not fully invisible.


It is a nearly invisible cosmetic brace which has been used by millions of people worldwide for the straightening of the teeth. Unlike the traditional metal braces, Invisalign are removable and are almost invisible and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing braces. It is the best treatment if you have crooked or gapped teeth and wants to have them straightened. The treatment may vary from nine to eighteen months.

Damon Braces:

This is an advanced orthodontic system of straightening the teeth. The demon braces produces results of straightening the teeth in much shorter time as compared to the other types. In this the case is planned using the 3D techniques and the results can been seen even before the initiation of the treatment. The brackets and fine wires make the visibility of the braces more conspicuous and generally the extraction of the teeth is not required.

Insignia Braces:

The insignia braces have been innovated after decades of research. This treatment is of a very high quality and works on a one size fits all approach. Here every bracket is designed to suite the exact measurement and shape of the patient’s exclusive dental anatomy. The Insignia Braces are ideal for everyone of any age.

Interceptive Braces:

This is a special treatment for the children. This treatment is initiated when there are signs of future orthodontic problems in a young child. The ideal time for its assessment in between 7-9 years of age so that some specific problems are intercepted early and are treated before they are fully developed.

There are many options of orthodontics that provides the dental braces Birmingham which help people having smiles that last forever…!!!