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Exploring Tea Tree Oil and Its Uses

For a long time, there have been some trees that offer great health benefits. They have helped human cultures in a number of ways in both personal health and around the home. Originally from Australia, melaleuca became very famous in every corner of the world due to its great uses.

Tea tree oil is dangerous when taken by mouth, yet is broadly utilized as a part of low focuses in beautifying agents and skin washes. Tea tree oil has been asserted to be helpful for treating a wide assortment of medicinal conditions. It demonstrates some guarantee as an antimicrobial. Tea tree oil might be successful in an assortment of dermatologic conditions, including dandruff, skin break out, lice, herpes, and other skin contaminations. Notwithstanding, the nature of the confirmation is low and tea tree oil is not suggested for treating parasitic contaminations or for use on youngsters.

What are the Benefits of Melaleuca alternifolia or Tea Tree Oil?

If examine the benefits of tea tree oil, the list becomes endless. It has a long list of practical uses. Now let’s take a closer look at some of its benefits and get a better understanding of popular doTERRA tea tree oil uses.

  • The oil is effectively used by many for body care. Often it is used to help with hair and dry scalp problems. The oil has also been proved to be great for dry skin or blemishes.
  • The oil is a great laundry booster. Just sprinkle few drops of tea tree oil on clothes to assist in keeping them clean and fresh.
  • Athletes use this oil. It has proved to be great for relieving soreness. If the oil is mixed with vegetable oil and massaged into the affected area it can bring positive results.
  • It is also used to make homemade natural deodorant. Many cosmetics company use this oil to make their products.
  • Tea tree oils are also found to be great for facial treatments. Just apply few drops of oil in a cotton bud and apply it over the face. Apply regularly to get the best results.
  • The oil is also great for helping common oral problems like bad breath.
  • Since 100 years the Australian tree has served human cultures with a lot of benefits. It has been extensively used by people in every corner of the world for personal health and practical household uses.

Nature has given us a host of useful things. However, people have totally misused them. People have always preferred to use artificial and synthetic products on our skin and body. Maybe you have been unaware of these natural products that nature provides us. These plants have great health promoting values. If applied properly they can bring good results. You can learn more about tea tree oil and other beneficial essential oils by visiting a reputable supplier like doTERRA.