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Few Remark about the Positive Effectiveness of Stanozolol Steroid

There are multiple potent drugs to gain bulk mass and lean shape of the body. The steroids enhance your stamina, give added strength to your muscles and help to grow bone density. Choosing the best among such extraordinary functioning steroid creates little confusion for first time users. Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid recommended mainly for beginners as it has negligible side effects if taken in the right way.


It is a synthetic drug derived from male sex hormone Testosterone. It was first developed in 1960s to strengthen muscles. It was medically prescribed for ailing people, who wanted to gain weight and acquire body strength. It was even used to generate red blood cells to cure many skin infections like Angioedema.  Later it was tried by athletes and body builders to be used to retain the muscles and to maintain their stamina while performing in their chosen athletic field.

The drug sold in the name of Winstrol has been mainly used to gain lean muscles by shedding unwanted fatty muscle tissues. Strength, speed and stamina are few qualities associated with the steroid. Only 50mg per day will do the needed job of cutting the unwanted fats and retain the muscle gained by using another powerful steroid in the cycling period.

Winny, as it is commonly called in steroid arena is mostly used when you don’t like to differ in the level of estrogen in the body. Another unique feature is that the solution to be injected is aqueous. Hence, its effect is retained for longer time compared to other steroids.

Dosage guidelines:

The dosage level of all steroids differs. It depends mainly upon your body acceptance of the steroid, age and gender. Seasonal users of the drug take 50mg to 100mg a day for six to eight weeks before starting PCT. Taking the dose more than eight weeks is sure to lead you to fall prey to ailments linked to liver.  Professional body builders and weight lifters take high dosage for 10 to 14 days to gain more potential strength for performing extremely well in the competitive field.

Women users take it in quite low amount like 5mg to 15mg a day. It is sufficient for them to experience its positive effects. To know more about the drug user’s experience, browse through informative sites to read about bodybuilder results. Gaining more information about any kind of anabolic steroids is quite useful, if you are first time stepping in the world of muscle enhancing steroids.