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How does shakeology taste

Just for the records, shakeology is a super shake which can be either used as a meal replacement shake or for post workout shake. The shake offers a variety of health benefits with natural ingredients. Beach body recommends that you mix any of the shakeology flavors with at least 8oz of cold water but there are people who use almond milk.

Shakeology offers a wide range of flavors. They include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, and lastly the newly introduced café latte. You can never lack anything to take from shakeology, that have it all sorted out.

It is so good that shakeology has a taste sampler which you can buy. The package contains 4 different flavors that is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and greenberry. The shakeology sampler shake goes for only USD 20 which is like USD 5 per shake.

Let us begin with vanilla, it actually smells well. It also somehow smells like a vanilla bean mixture, creamy scent of a vanilla ice cream, and lastly the smell is very inviting. Vanilla shakeology tastes pretty plain with very slight sweetness. It contains very little vanilla flavor, though it tastes more like sweet milk at the bottom of your bowl. The good thing with vanilla flavor is that it can easily be mixed with anything and still retain its vanilla taste and scent.

Shakeology strawberry flavor is next. The powder looks a little bit more brownish than the anticipated pink for any strawberry drinks but when it is mixed it changes to pinkish hue. It has a very nice strawberry scent. So just how is the taste?

Unfortunately, it does not taste like strawberry or even near to it. It has even been compared to taste like greenberry flavor. The after taste of the shake is bitter. To make it taste better, you can mix it with any berries of your choice and bananas.

The greenberry shakeology flavor does not taste to anything like a berry. It tastes like a sweetened green tea, it also contains some taste of mint flavor. The flavor looks like green tea has been poured on some berries – has the dark green color and smells like crunch berries.

Last but not least is the chocolate shakeology flavor. There is no one who can turn away some piece of chocolate because it is just awesome! The flavor smells like count Cholula in liquid form. This flavor has the rich chocolate taste compared to the other flavors. However, it has an after taste which makes you feel as if you are eating a dark chocolate bar. Chocolate flavor has proved the favorite of all the shakes.

The chocolate and vanilla are actually the best flavors and has the best reviews from its users compared to the other flavors. What makes this two best, is the fact that they can be mixed with anything very easily. You can enjoy the chocolate flavor by mixing it with peanut butter or a banana while the vanilla flavor can either be mixed with strawberries or blueberries.

Before you decide on which flavor will work for you, I would advise to first purchase the taste sampler pack before buying a larger supply