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How to Have a Positive Relationship with your Surrogate

The relationship between parents and a surrogate is not one that a lot of people would ever think about. This is not something that people learn from school or at home and it just came into the limelight just recently. There are things unique in this relationship and it can be great to know some tips to ensure a good parent-surrogate relationship.

Consider the Move

This refers to the bonding moment between the parents and their surrogate. Surely, they will want to be there when they can.

Keep in Mind that Surrogates Want Parents to be Involved

A surrogate does this in order to change the parents’ lifestyle. Parents must continue to keep in touch with her. It is not a bad idea to shoot her a text or email. Surely, a kind works can make her day.

Spend Time Chatting with Her

A regularly scheduled time will work best. Usually, Sunday evenings are a convenient time. Consider this schedule as a priority every week. Definitely, this is good for both parties.

Talk About More than Just Pregnancy

You can consider asking things like how she likes a prenatal fitness class or if her children are having fun at their school activities. Just choose topics that can help in developing a connection about your life beyond the pregnancy. This will create a stronger bond and make it clear that you like her as a person. Also, it is imperative to make the surrogate’s partner feel included.

Additionally, you can offer ways to link with you more than just asking how she feels physically. Let her know how you are trying to prepare for the baby. Consider showing her pictures of the nursery you have started to work on. Show her how excited you are about the baby.

Do Not Micro Manage

Keep in mind that the surrogate is pregnant before and has undertaken a rigorous screening before she was matched as a surrogate. Never sweat the small stuff unless you really have to be worried about something. Of course, nobody would want other people to ask them for a full accounting of what they ate on a day.

In case you have any concern that worries you a lot, bring it to your surrogate agency. Get some help from The agency will broach deal with the issue in a fair way to ensure you will not have an uncomfortable conversation with her. A good surrogate agency will make sure you can concentrate o the positives as they handle the negatives.