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Meet a cardiologist who first prioritizes helping people not making money


It is a high time when we all need to understand that hunger for money sometimes makes you forget about your responsibility. Some medical practitioners forget that they first need to focus on helping people instead of focusing on making money. Therefore, it is important that doctors need to understand their responsibility towards the society. Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD has been setting examples for other cardiologists by helping people who sometimes could not afford to get medical care. Indeed, it is a holy work to save humanity on this earth. However, it does not mean he never charge fees from his patients but money is not important than humanity; it is a principle that Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD follows. Therefore, we have decided to put some lights on his journey and achievements.

Being one of 39 cardiovascular disease specialists in Freeport, Maine, he has been practicing medical for more than 41 years, which truly adds credibility factor in his profession. A person with such extensive experience would surely be your savior, when he is a doctor. More on that, if the doctor is featured with empathy, love, humanity and affection qualities apart from technical skills you can expect to get perfect ailments and healing of your diseases.

Is he setting a true example of being humanity lover?

We all should respect the doctors because they are the ones who always stand on their toes to help people to live healthy and safe life. However, if we evaluate his life journey, we explored that he has completed his medical degree from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Plus, he has complete certifications and authorizations from reputed medical authorities for his clinic to conduct medical practices in his clinic. It is truly an important aspect to be considered that he never gives importance to money (fee) whenever someone comes to him for medical care and assistance.

It seems impractical, but not impossible especially with him. He provides medical care to the people against particular fee but if any of the patients is not able to pay fee amount for that moment he provides relaxation to them. Overall, we can conclude that indeed, it is a kind of incredible example but surely also considered as an initiative taken by him to express that humanity is alive and Doctors are truly the God sent angel.

Is he only specialized in Cardiology?

He has expertise in cardiologist practice but indeed he has many other clinical interests such as Weight Loss, Nutrigenomics, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Aging. Plus, he has sub specialties such as Interventional Cardiology and Preventive Cardiology. It shows that he is a multi-skilled doctor who helps you in different medical cases such as if you want to lose your weight, Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD is here to help you. Whatever you think of him, he is helping the society by using his skills and abilities that he thinks God has given him to serve the people of the society.