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Menopause Can Be Simple – Choose To Treat It With BHRT


Sometimes, the way the media represents menopause, it seems like you’re doomed to live your 40s and 50s through constant mood swings and hot flashes. The menopausal woman has become an archetype for many sitcoms and comedic feature films, but menopause is no laughing matter. It can be the cause of a lot of painful and frustrating symptoms that can ruin your life. Menopause doesn’t have to be this way. It can be a simple transition if you know when and where to ask for help.

Menopause is caused by a decline in the production of important female hormones. As the hormone levels in your body starts to fluctuate, imbalances can cause the core of the symptoms immortalized by poorly written sitcoms. Hormonal imbalances can cause fatigue, restlessness, weight gain, forgetfulness, anxiety, stress, mood swings, and depression. The list goes on and on, though in different levels of severity and combinations for each woman. None of these make for an ideal day, let alone the years your menopause could last.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is any woman’s answer to the question of, “how can I make my menopause easy?”. This therapy seeks to rebalance the hormones you lose during this transition, alleviate the stress and symptoms of menopause. Derived from naturally occurring hormones found in plants, the hormones used are nearly identical to the ones in the female body. This makes it easy for them to be accepted and metabolized by your body.

No medical treatment is without its risks, so it’s important that you speak with a trusted health care practitioner about your options. A simple swab of your cheek will see if you’re an ideal candidate. It will also reveal your exact levels of hormones, so a unique treatment can be developed. Since you don’t experience menopause the same as your neighbour, you shouldn’t be sharing identical treatments. The BHRT you undergo should be personalized to your unique experiences and symptoms.

Finding a reputable and trained professional experienced with the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy will take a bit of time. But your health is worth it. When considering the candidates, you should only accept those with the knowledge and qualifications to handle your health. A professional should be a certified doctor and pharmacist to better help create a comprehensive treatment. More than just hormone therapy, your treatment should include expert lifestyle coaching, mental health counselling, and personal interest in your experience. This way, you and your doctor can better monitor the benefits of your treatment.

With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, you can leave behind the sitcoms that make a joke out of menopause. Once your hormones are in check, you won’t be at the mercy of your changing body.