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Normal or Steroid Based? The Question of steroid usage of Chul Soon

The use of the steroids have increased to such an extent that the reputed bodybuilders have also started using the same. However, a lot of them do not wish to share the information to the world and as a result of that a lot of interest gets created for the same. For instance, Chul Soon, the Korean bodybuilder of 5 ft 10 inches and having an amazing physic claims that he has never taken steroids or any other drug to build his body, although there is ample reason to question the statement.

The Doubt

It is true that Chul Soon has never failed a single drug test and claims that his physique is the result of exercise and diet. But a lot of steroid experts are doubtful about this and claims that he could not have gained this physique without the help of steroids. There may be no proof for this Korean bodybuilder Chul Soon but there have been instances with the other bodybuilders and athletes who have claimed that they do not use steroids for their body, fitness or energy, and at the end of the day it was discovered that they have. And so the question rise up.

Crossing the Limits

At the same time, it is also true that this bodybuilder has been successful in each and every drug test. Some of the steroid experts opine that there are options for cheating the steroid tests also. If the steroids are taken early enough, then in the meantime, it will get the time to be undetected. Others also suggest that as these steroids tests are random, he may have been able to successfully cheat there also. Whatever the reasons may be, it is true now that this Korean bodybuilder has this wonderful physique that has made him the object of great inspiration for a lot of people and a model for the Korean television commercials.

If He Uses Steroids

Although he has time and again said that it was diet that helped him a lot in gaining this wonderful physique, the theorists wonder if he takes steroid by chance, then what steroids would have given him this kind of a body. As it seems, the combination of 4 steroids, EQ, HGH, Deca and Testorsterone would be the best pick for the same. With the use of this combination and the right cycle, the effects are truly marvelous. The body muscles bulges up perfectly and on the other hand the fat elements of the body burn out if it is excessive. Using this cycle with the proper regularity can offer you the right kind of perfection that you would appreciate.

Be it the Korean bodybuilder Chul Soon or you, getting the right body is no longer impossible. What you would need is the perfect steroid cycle for the same and that also with the proper dosage. It is for sure that you will need the support of the proper steroids, but it is also true that the steroids would be perfect when you consult a medical expert also.