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Remedying Female Baldness: A Modern Solution for a Timeworn Issue

When the topic of hair loss or baldness arises in everyday conversation, our subconscious minds intuitively envision the clichéd aging man struggling with male pattern baldness; however, it’s important to note that women tussle with the detriments of thinning hair and bald spots just as much as men, if not more so. If you had any doubts about the widespread prevalence of female hair loss, take a brief moment to peruse some of the recent facts and figures compiled by the WHO and OECD:

  • Over 40% of women experience thinning, receding, or balding hair during menopause.
  • Age-related hair loss is a frequent occurrence in females as more than 50% of women over the age of 65 attest to diminishing follicles and waning hair lines.
  • Over 90% of female baldness is androgenetic, meaning that it’s brought on by the hormonal oscillations stemming from pregnancy or menopause.
  • Three out of every four women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60.
  • Over 40% of all alopecia patients happen to be female.
  • One out of every three women dealing with hair loss exhibits symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

As you might imagine by now, female hair loss is an incredibly important issue for countless women all over the world, especially when taking into account the overtly image-oriented nature of our current cultural zeitgeist. However, with the recent rise of ingenious follicle and scalp treatment options, it’s worth mentioning that you no longer have to rely on antiquated hairnets, ugly wigs, or dangerous topical applications in today’s day and age.

The remainder of this brief article will take a close look at today’s most effective Singapore hair loss treatment for female baldness, retreating hair lines, alopecia, and dandruff disorders: the novel VE Protein procedure.

How Does it Work?

If you schedule a VE Protein treatment, your hair care specialist will facilitate the following three steps during your initial appointment:

  1. Scalp Analysis: Using a specialised hair scanning device, the practitioner will conduct an exhaustive assessment of your scalp, hair type, follicle strength, and protein composition.
  2. Protein Application: After evaluating your scalp and hair, the specialist will create a unique VE Protein blend perfectly formulated for your distinctive follicles. Prior to the actual application, the recipe will be incorporated into the shampoo, conditioner, essence, ampoules, and mask to ensure a comprehensive treatment.
  3. Post-Treatment Analysis: Following the procedure, the practitioner will conduct one more assessment in order to showcase the results on a molecular level. The before and after matrix will provide a clear view of whether another session is required.

The Benefits and Advantages of VE Protein

In as little as one session, this inventive treatment option is able to effect incredible, visible results due to the intricate nature of the actual compounds used:

  • The protein absorbs easily and quickly due to the small molecular makeup of the amalgams.
  • The complex amino acids promote blood circulation and restore your hair’s natural shine.
  • The treatment improves thickness of follicles and stimulates vivacious hair growth.
  • The recipe moisturises, reinforces, and strengthens your roots to reduce hair fall.
  • Due to the inclusion of red/blue light therapy to enhance treatment results, the process doesn’t use high heat or any dangerous fumes.

Treating hair loss in a non-invasive fashion is finally impactful, affordable, and very easy to do!