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Sperm banks are very much in operation

Donating sperm happens to be a breath-taking opportunity. As a donor, you are driven by the knowledge that you are helping a childless couple to conceive. In some cases, a certain degree of financial compensation for the time along with the effort involved. Most of the top sperm banks in Mumbai take the opportunity to know you better and you need to take note of the fact that you are not alone in the crowd.

Sperm donation is not a child’s play and is a concrete program. A six-month commitment is required at your end for weekly visits. If as a donor, you leave this program before six months, then you are financially responsible for completing the medical testing and will be required to pay the balance to the donation site. Donors are under a contract to return all compensation.

Most of the people tend to turn off for a couple of reasons.  The First is for a vacation and they do not want to take the responsibility of a child once it is born. The first is rarely a problem as you can let the staff know well in advance that you are willing to work with them as they are fully aware of the fact that there is a life outside the program. But donors tend to have no responsibility out of the donation of the sperm. As such there are no rights as far as their offspring’s is concerned.

The sperm banks are entrusted with keeping all the information of the donors confidential. They are coded numerically and there is restricted access to them. If you go through the list of sperm banks in Mumbai, most of them operate by this mechanism. Their information is also to be shared if the donor wants to become an ID donor which means that the kid can gain all the rights to the biological father.

Now, comes the compensation and the question is what you ask. You can ask for bi weekly or monthly checks and this is only provided to you once you have become a full member of the program.  Some of the banks go on to provide incentives so that you join the program. There is no form of compensation provided if you are not part of the program in any way. There is an average rate for sperm donation, but sometimes the donors tend to get compensated by the trendy lifestyles which they maintain.

How to apply to the process of sperm donation

  • You would need to visit in person or apply online. If you are selected you will be notified within a week
  • If you have completed step 1, then you will be asked to fill a medical questionnaire. Here you would need to specify all your medical details and this covers your family history or you being a part of any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If you fulfil the above two steps, you will be asked a sample of your semen which is then studied in details to figure out the sperm count and the movement as well.
  • A blood test is conducted to determine on whether you are the victim of any form of sexual ailments or diseases. This is indeed important as what you may have the chances are that it will pass on to the baby