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The history of Tobacco Smoking

The evolution of tobacco smoking gradually eased its way into our daily lives, ever since its arrival from the Americas in the early 1900’s, where the native Indians grew it for many years. The industrial revolution saw cigarettes permeate every corner of western society, and by the 1970’s it was considered cool to smoke, even on TV! Cigarettes blended well with the traditional pub atmosphere, as generation after generation took up smoking, and this continued until the turn of the century, when science confirmed that tobacco smoking causes cancer, heart disease, and many other conditions. Society began to take a less positive approach to smoking, and it was soon banned from TV, with most forms of advertising either severely restricted or prohibited completely.

A healthy revenue

Governments have always taxed tobacco products heavily, seeing it as both a good source of revenue and an effective deterrent, then, as research revealed the harmful effects of second hand smoke, public opinion began to sway toward a tobacco-free environment. Smoking is banned in most public places, and there is now a kind of stigma attached to tobacco smoking, with serious attention focused on the younger generations, making them aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Health concerns

Medical research clearly shows how harmful smoking is, and with the current trend for healthy living, more and more people are finding an alternative to smoking tobacco. Just after the turn of the century, an innovative way to ingest nicotine arrived on the scene, and vaping steadily grew in popularity.


The ingestion of nicotine by vaping is a much healthier way to receive a controlled dose, thus avoiding the many harmful substances in tobacco smoke, which kills millions of people annually. Nicotine in itself might be highly addictive, but there is no evidence to suggest it is harmful, and with vaping, you eliminate the toxic substances that tobacco contains, while still receiving your daily dose of nicotine.

A variety of flavours

Vaping involves inhaling the vapour that arises when the e-liquid is heated, and there are a range of unique flavours designed to give the user a pleasant experience. The range of flavours in e liquid from X2 Cigs include the traditional tobacco aromas, with fruit, dessert, and menthol flavours also available.

A decline in tobacco smoking

There is a noticeable drop in the number of cigarette smokers worldwide, probably due to the constant warnings in the media, combined with a healthier alternative like vaping. Many governments insist that tobacco related products clearly show the dangers, often with graphic images to further deter people. The rise of vaping seems to be in line with the decline in tobacco smoking, as most smokers turn to vaping as an alternative, and with the pace of development bringing more effective devices that can deliver a range of pleasant flavours in a socially acceptable way.

Cigarettes have always been the cause of serious diseases, and finally society has realised that smoking should be gradually eradicated from the modern lifestyle, to be replaced by vaping, a healthier and more enjoyable experience.