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The Most Common Conditions of the Hip

There are more than a few conditions that a person can suffer from over the course of his or her lifetime and the same could happen to you at any time. A sudden injury, illness, or condition could result in short- or long-term damage, leaving you with not only pain but a number of potentially damaging symptoms. By learning about the many different types of conditions of the hip, you could catch the signs of a problem early enough to simplify treatment and shorten your recovery time after the procedure.


Arthritis is a condition that is most commonly developed during the later years of life, typically around middle age or later. This can cause pain and stiffness in the hip due to a number of reasons including rough, weakened bone; bone spurs; narrowing of the joint space; and more. This pain and stiffness may cause motion to become limited, which can in turn lower your ability to perform everyday tasks in the home.

The hip is one of your body’s largest joints and it is categorised as a “ball-and-socket” joint where the top end of your femur is rounded and fitted into a deep cavity, or socket, in the hip bone. There, a healthy hip will have smooth weight-bearing surfaces and cartilage as well as an intact joint and bone. Osteoarthritis, as it is otherwise called, can cause the bone to become rough and irregular, which can then lead to your pain.

Reliable and cost-effective hip treatment in Singapore is exceptionally advanced, helping you to manage pain and find relief from your hip condition. Whenever you fear that you may not be able to live with the pain, the right Singaporean doctors may be able to help you. No matter your condition, it cannot hurt to contact a professional for a consultation about your condition.

Sports Hernia

One condition that can hit even a healthy and fit person is a sports hernia, which is categorised as a painful soft tissue injury. This injury is found in the groin area and can happen during sudden deviations in direction at high speed. Any sport that requires quick changes of direction or sudden hard twisting movements can lead to this type of injury.

Symptoms of a sports hernia include severe pain in the area immediately following the injury. Some people who suffer this injury incorrectly believe that they are healed once they experience a lessening of their pain, but the pain will immediately return once they start playing again. Once you receive this injury, it is not uncommon to see a visible bulge near the injury, which is your inner organs pressing against the weakened tissues of the area; however, treatment is relatively simple.


Sciatica is a type of nerve pain felt along the sciatic nerve and this nerve can be found branching from your lower back, through your hips and buttocks, and then down each leg. Its sheer length can mean that you feel the pain throughout your entire lower body but you may also only feel the pain in one leg or your lower back. You are most likely not to get this type of condition until after the age of 30 but it is not unheard of for people below that age to suffer from the condition.