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The Most Common Reasons to Get Physio

Physio can be offered to nearly anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, and it could very well be the best option for anyone looking to reduce pain and improve his or her quality of life. This type of therapy is designed to assist people recovering from a wide array of injuries such as a sports injury or those suffering from chronic pain. A number of tailored techniques created to reduce pain over time and increase a patient’s range of motion can be offered and you should see serious results after only a few weeks of work.


Any mother can tell you that pregnancy is difficult on the human body, regardless of whether the pregnancy is the mother’s first or fourth. A child moving through the birth canal can misalign joints, push bones out of place, and cause the pelvic floor to weaken more and more with each birth. If left alone without any treatment, urinary incontinence and chronic pain are two of many serious issues that can cause a mother to experience more hardships than necessary when recovering from childbirth.

Fortunately, Inglewood physio is not only highly beneficial to mothers after birth but it can ease pains associated with pregnancy during later trimesters and help a mother better handle her growing child. It is not uncommon for an expecting mother to experience many aches and pains as she moves through the pregnancy and the right professionals can help her address this problem. No matter if you have hip pain or sciatica problems, specific issues during your pregnancy can be treated without too much strain.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are perhaps the most commonly associated type of injury thought up when people consider physiotherapy. These can range from strains and sprains to the actual breakage of bones and it is always in your best interests to seek quick and reliable treatment. Many professional physiotherapists are trained in the treatment of sports injury and can help you get yourself back on the field with minimal downtime.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is classified as any pain lasting more than six weeks and it can quickly feel impossible to find relief after you try many different options. However, physio may just help you relieve some of your chronic pain and enjoy a higher quality of life over time. These professionals can help you find the underlying causes of your pain, build a treatment regimen, and much more to help you reduce your pain without any invasive procedures.

Avoid Surgery

Physio should never be utilised as a replacement for surgery if only a surgery can fix your problem but it can help you avoid it if you have chronic pain or non-threatening injury. With the proper therapy exercises, you can help your body heal more naturally while decreasing the chance of having a surgery in the future. If, by any reason you cannot avoid surgery, this type of therapy is proven to help you significantly reduce the amount of time spent recovering, which can help you get back to the game or activity you love.