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The three best Indian snacks that you can prepare for your guests

“Atithi devo bhabha” is a Sanskrit term that means that guests must be considered equivalent to our God and that is why since ancient times in India guests are taken care of like god and they are treated like god. Even when the householders don’t have anything to eat they will give their guests something to eat they will even stay hungry if that means they can serve their guests well. Even today this dictum is lived by many Indians and that is why we always want to serve our guests in the best way possible. Sometimes we also want to cook up variety of dishes for our guests but we are at a loss because even if we know what to cook up for the main course we feel lost when it comes to preparing snacks. However, no need to worry anymore just follow this article and take help form this article as it will guide you in what exactly can you prepare as snacks for your guests which will be loved by one and all. This list has been influenced from snack items from all over the country so now you can easily serve a plate full of snacks inspired by the multicultural cuisine of India. Take a look at these items.

  • Khaman: This popular snack from Gujarat is very healthy and this steamed dish can be eaten as breakfast food as well. Made up of gram flour, it is generally served with green chilies, coriander leaves, kinds of chutneys and mustard seeds. It makes of excellent evening snacks and your guests will surely love this dish. Even the most health conscious person will say yes to this dish as t is practically fat free. Grated coconut is also used for garnishing this dish. If someone you know really loves less spicy and hot food, then khaman is the best dish to serve them. You will get khaman banane ki vidhi easily from the internet. So, make this easily with the help of the internet and make the fussy eaters happy.
  • Idli: This is another great snack item that is both healthy and fat free. Made from rice batter and black gram batter idli is served with sambhar (a kind of stew) and chutney. There are various kinds of idli produced in various regions of India. In some places instead of rice other pulses or ragi or sooji used even. It is a great food item if served hot and your guests will surely love them.
  • Pav bhaji: It is a very popular street food in Maharashtra and a great item for serving as snacks. This is the best item for anyone loving spicy food. The pav is the bread and the bhaji is the vegetable curry. This excellent dish is very easy to make and the recipe of the curry is available on the internet. It offers a plethora of tastes as the curry is loaded with spices and condiments.

These are some of the best dishes that you can cook up for your guests and they will love these simple yet tasty dishes.