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The Top Five Signs That You Need Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures. More than 85 percent of adults have their wisdom teeth removed to protect their oral health at some point in their lives, usually between the ages of 18 and 25. Wisdom teeth were used by human ancestors thousands of years ago to help them grind and chew certain foods. Today we no longer need those additional teeth and our mouths have adapted to be smaller, which is why wisdom teeth no longer fit in most adult mouths without causing pain and dental shifting.

When you begin to experience symptoms, you’ll need to quickly seek to have your wisdom teeth removed. While your dentist will check on your wisdom teeth at each dental visit, wisdom teeth can begin to come in between regular visits scheduled every six months under normal circumstances. If you want to know when to seek wisdom tooth surgery in Singapore, here are five signs to keep in mind.

Pain in the Back of Your Mouth

Having mild to severe pain in the back of your mouth can mean a number of things. When wisdom teeth are coming in, you may experience pain at any time, especially after brushing your teeth or eating. If you notice any type of pain, you should seek help from a dental professional as soon as possible.

Cysts in Your Mouth

If you ignore your wisdom teeth for too long, infections can occur, which can often lead to cysts in the mouth as well. The problem with infections of this nature is that they can cause infection in the surrounding teeth and gums, even damaging the roots. Fortunately, having your wisdom teeth removed and any infection treated will help heal any cysts.

Swollen Gums

Do you have swollen, inflamed, and painful gums? If you do, there are many potential causes that may be behind the swelling. Inflamed gums can be a sign of a problem with your wisdom teeth. To remedy any swelling and painful gums, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed, which will solve any pain and swelling-related issues.

Jaw Pain and Stiffness

Jaw pain and stiffness is one of the most serious symptoms caused by wisdom teeth coming in. Jaw pain and stiffness can greatly impede your everyday oral functions. While these symptoms can be attributed to many different causes, they are often caused by the need for wisdom tooth removal. When you have your wisdom teeth removed, you should notice that all pain and stiffness quickly disappear.

Sinus Issues

While commonly overlooked as a sign of the need for wisdom tooth removal, sinus issues can indeed often be a sign of such. Problems with wisdom teeth can often lead to sinus pain, congestion and pressure. If you notice that you are experiencing sinus pain and pressure, you should consider having your wisdom teeth examined by dentist. Call and visit a dentist as soon as possible to ensure that your wisdom teeth are removed safely.