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The Truth about Buttocks Fillers

Buttocks fillers are in high demand right now as beauty standards demand women to have rounder, larger buttocks. Fillers may be done as either implants or injections, each with different downtimes and side effects. Either way, the results will have you ready to face the world with confidence, especially with your newly moulded and reshaped buttocks.

Fat injections are not nearly as invasive as implants, allowing you to enjoy less downtime after the procedure. In addition, they appear more natural, as fat is taken from the body and placed in the soft tissue to add volume. Finally, injections take far less time than other methods, allowing you to fit the procedure into a busy schedule, and you should enjoy less scarring with this method.

Discomfort during this procedure, especially if you get injections, is relatively low to non-existent because professionals administer a local anaesthetic to the area. As you get ready for the procedure, expect your doctor to thoroughly explain the process and expected results of the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask questions that you may have, especially due to the fact this procedure will dramatically alter the physical appearance of your body.


Buttock augmentation with fillers can be done to either a man or a woman and you can see the results after swelling in the area has subsided. After the fillers are placed inside the soft tissue of your buttocks, you can expect to see a much rounder shape than before the procedure. To determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, expect your doctor to schedule a consultation with you to fully outline and explain the process from start to finish.

During this session, you will work with your doctor to find a tailored treatment for your unique needs and this is absolutely crucial if you want to see specific results. If you are not a great candidate for injections, other options may be offered as a more suitable solution. At the end of the day, you simply want to move forward with the expert advice and opinion of a professional on your side.

Side Effects

Side effects of injections are minor but they may include swelling and redness at the injection site, which may last for a day or more. The fillers placed in your body are made up of natural substances, meaning that your body should easily accept the injections and cause you few to no adverse effects. Fairly soon after you receive the procedure, you can expect to get permission to return to work and your daily routine.

It is important that you remember to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to extend the effects of your buttocks injection. You are likely to be given a set of critical instructions following your procedure and it is in your best interest to follow these dutifully. Although you are unlikely to experience any severe symptoms after the procedure, following your provided instructions should further reduce the risk of this and allow you to heal more quickly and with minimal frustration.