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Understanding Bad Breath Causes and Remedies for Enhanced Confidence

Speaking, smiling and dealing with people are all affected when a person is suffering from bad breath. A lot of people are not aware if their breath already smells so bad. The problem is our sense of smell has the highest ability among all senses to adopt to adopt such that you easily get used to one odor and take it as a natural phenomenon. According to carrollton dentist, having a bad smelling breath is not funny at all. It could affect you, your activities and your relationships. People would tend to stay away from you at the longest distance possible.

Causes of Bad Breath

This oral phenomenon is not caused by the food you eat. Although some studies have found out that some food ingredients can be agents to foul smell in the mouth, it is necessary for you to understand that bad breath is made from the gases and noxious odors caused by bacteria inside the mouth.  According to studies, about eighty percent of bad breath cases emerged from an oral source:

  • Gum disease and cavities
  • Tonsils – These parts of the mouth have the capacity to trap food particles along with dentures and cracked fillings. When the food particles remain stuck inside, bacteria thrives in, emit foul odor and cause bad breath.
  • Internal medical problems can also make the breath smelling so foul more than anything else. Some of these illnesses include liver disease, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, and respiratory tract infections. Most of the patients diagnosed by carrollton dentist with bad breath are also those suffering from postnatal drip, acid reflux, and xerostomia or chronic dry mouth.
  • Food intake – It is said that whatever you eat would affect the air you exhale. Understand that as food undergoes digestion, everything is absorbed by the bloodstream and the air is expelled by the lungs during breathing. Foods to consider are fruits and vegetables including celery, carrots and apple. On the other hand, you should avoid spicy foods, garlic and onions. If the last set of food is unavoidable, make sure you brush your teeth and drink enough water after eating.

Fighting the Foul Smell

The problem of having a bad breath may seem disappointing but there is always a solution o everything. According to carrollton dentist, bad breath can be eradicated accordingly if you are going to consider the following:

  • Hydration – Drinking enough water is not only good for your internal health. Water has the power to wash out the bacteria, prevents its build up in the mouth and retain the natural smell of your breath. Avoid drinking sugary beverages and consider taking in a glass of milk that deodorizes the entire oral cavity.
  • Avoid coffee – Avoiding too much coffee will not only improves the color of your teeth but will also help you in acquiring fresh breath. The tough smell from this beverage can cause bad breath. Dentists would advise you to switch to green tea and other herbal beverages which are naturally crafted for better health regimen.
  • Stop smoking – Obviously, cigarettes, snuff, smokeless cigs and pipes all have the same ingredients in common. These contents can lead to horribly smelling breath that can worsen the odor of the air you exhale.
  • Sugarless gum – chewing is a form of oral exercise and aid in regulating the flow of your saliva. Unsweetened gums can reduce cavities.

Suffering from bad breath does not mean the end of the world. Oral health is a journey and once you start out with a good remediation, you need to keep it up until you get rid of that foul smell from your mouth.

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David is an oral health expert who understands the needs of every patient. If you are looking for treatments and procedures that would improve not only how your teeth looks but also how your entire personality transforms into something better, then do not hesitate to get in touch with him.