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Use HGH for A Great Increase in Height

Human growth hormone, naturally produced in human body is involved in functions of growth and development. It is secreted by pituitary gland.  Until the pituitary gland is working properly, the production and release of HGH remains optimum. It leads to lengthening of bones, formation of stature. It is also involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, balance between fat andslim muscle mass, body fluid composition, and brain functions.

However, if any malfunction occurs in Pituitary, there are chances of HGH deficiency. It means levels have decreased in growth hormone secretions. Growth hormone therapy is generally recommended if there is any pituitary injury or genetic damage (tumor), especially in the cases of deficit in small children, e.g. Down syndrome, PraderWilli syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, Short stature due to unknown cause and many more. HGH is sometimes deliberately given to the children for their linear growth and their mental and social well-being due to their huge height gains. It can work but with theunderstanding of the heritable traits of the patients. Approximately three inches are gained at max with the use of human growth hormone. However the gains are dependent on the age of the patient when the treatment has started, the dosage, the frequency of shots. It could take months or years based on everything aforesaid to get the results.


The biggest issue in the treatment with HGH is its sky-hugging cost. Hormones are synthesized in very minute quantities naturally in a human body. For the high-throughput process of hormone production and amplification, the total input costs huge. Cost associated with half-a-inch increase in height with the recommended dosages is more than 20000 dollars on an average. So, it cannot be afforded by poor people.

Effects on height and Side-effects

In a study concluded recently, it was observed that long term impact of Human growth hormone on the short stature (cause remain unknown) was effective. There was about 4 to 6 cm increase in average height in the experimental patients. However the cost of the treatment was around 35000 dollars, which is enormous and not worth a cost for many folks. One thing which is needed to be mentioned here is the ‘range of age of the patients’. The increase in height has been predominant in early growing ages. The impact of genetics cannot be negated in the above case. In some cases, The HGH treatment did not give any visible difference in height. This makes us more considerate about the genetic makeup of the individual, which might be irresponsive in certain cases.

Side-effects of growth hormone supplements can be like nausea, headache, joint pains, hypertension, heart problems and more. So, it is best that one identifies this fine line and makes healthy life choices.

All these supplements are designed to help human kind, but we must choose how to use it. Symptoms of secretionsare not limited to height or weight only; heart problems and sometimes even psychological issues come up. In addition to the treatment of a medical condition of body decreased in growth hormone secretions, individuals have also exploited growth hormone as an anti-ageing product while some athletes use it with anabolic steroids to lose weight.