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Want a tan that everyone envies? Here is what you should do

Want a tanned body for your friend’s bachelorette party?

Why not try one of the many spray tan Sacramento booths?

Recently several salons have started offering top-notch tans with a diverse elite tool and equipment range.  By choosing a quality spray tan Sacramento salon, you can have a sun-kissed and bronzed look effortlessly.

And you don’t have to expose yourselves to the sun at all. Here are some important facts about spray tanning you should be aware of before you make use of the service.

A Few Facts about Spray Tanning

Spray tanning uses natural chemicals to induce the tan-brown hue on skin. Dihydroxyacetone is the chemical used. If you are opting for the spray tan Sacramento salons, make sure they use tanning products that feature DHA as the main active component.


  • DHA has been in use for over half a century in treating skin pigmentation problems. Approved by FDA, it has been used in tanning, since 1960s
  • Any other tanning product can produce carcinogenic reactions, according to Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • While DHA causes the skin to turn a darker shade on a temporary basis, tanning under natural sunlight is a more permanent thing. It can lead to lasting damage when overdone.

How temporary is the spray tan?

Since body sheds dead cells of skin constantly, in a few days the tan you acquires disappears. The tan brown color lasts for about a week. Many spray tan Sacramento salons recommend regular tanning application to have that glowing tanned look always fresh.

Fast and Lasting Tan

With just DHA as the main ingredient, the dark brown hue washes off immediately after you take a shower or even with sweating. So, to keep the tan on for longer, ingredients are included such as

  • Erythrulose –This is a natural form of sugar that produces the natural tan look
  • Moisturizers –This helps in preventing dryness
  • Aloe vera – Increases absorption of tanning solution
  • Botanicals

What to do before going for a spray tan session?

You need to do certain prepping procedures before you go to a spray tan Sacramento salon. This ensures you get a smooth and glorious tan.

  • Wax or shave before the appointment. This is to close the pores in your skin.
  • Skin exfoliation is must. This is to clear all the dry and dead skin before the tanning spray hits you. This certainly gives better results
  • Take off any makeup, deodorant, and moisturizers before your appointment with spray tan Sacramento salons. These chemicals contain oils, which prevent the tanning solution from getting absorbed into the skin. You may end up having a blotchy and streaky tan.
  • Just before the procedure, use moisturizer or Vaseline on regions like palms, elbows, ankles, and knees. Protect your hair with shower cap. Apply lip balm for protecting your lips.
  • Keep the solution on overnight or at least for 8 hours for the color to bind on hard and fast. So, avoid a shower, moisturizer or soap until then

With the right precautions, and by choosing the best salon for spray tan Sacramento has to offer, you can have that gorgeous looking tan and steal the limelight at any gathering.