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What Are Different Uses Of Linen Carts For Hospitals And Clinics?

Whether it is a hospital, nursing home, clinic or a healthcare facility center, linen carts are used everywhere. A hospital linen cart is a type of medical furniture with different shelves and wheels for easy transportation. These carts are used to keep the linens and other room essentials organized and clean at all times. With the technology advancing and medical field improving, you can avail a variety of linen carts at present times. Right from the color of the cart to its size, you have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of it.

Features of hospital linen carts

The medical linen carts are available in various configurations. Whether you require convertible shelf, open, static shelf, enclosed or bulk linen cart, you can get it all according to your requirement. Almost all these medical linen carts are tailored with polymer solutions and open wire for better visibility, light penetration and circulation of the air.

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In addition to this, companies build these carts with the heavy-duty plastic for better efficiency and longer shelf life. These carts have rounded corners, which is of great help in avoiding incidental snags. Further, they also feature Microban. antimicrobial product protection. In fact, some linen carts have dividers to provide different storage options. They have longer compartments at both the ends and one narrower division in the center.

The narrower or smaller shelves are just ideal to keep hand towels, face clothes and pillow covers. These compartments also help in keeping the laundry of different rooms separate from each other. All these shelves are independently adjustable, which makes it easier to customize the adjustment according to the requirement.

Types of medical linen cart

  • Enclosed carts- Most of the times, enclosed linen carts are used in order to keep it protected from any kind of spills and splashes. The best part is that enclosed solutions prevent any kind of pilferage, an issue that has become very prevalent these days. Moreover, linens remain infection-free when they are kept in enclosed linen cart even at the time when there is a chance of contamination. Thus, enclosed carts provide double protection.

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  • Open carts- For a quick access, open linen carts can prove to be very useful. In this type of hospital linen cart, you can adjust the shelves of the cart according to your need and then stack the blankets and other linens. Whether you want to keep bed pads, thick towels for patients or other medical items, you can keep it easily in an open medical cart. However, if you want to keep linens for a longer time then open carts may not be the right choice, as they will not protect the storage material from dust and other contaminants.

Thus, it is clear that both enclosed and open hospital linen carts are very useful for any medical center. They enable the staff to locate them easily from one place to another, as they have wheels at the bottom. Further, the medical staff is able to adjust the linens on the cart according to a particular configuration and the required use. In huge medical facilities, the staff generally uses a specific configuration of shelves for storage of linens. So, decide on the hospital linen carts as per your needs.

Buying hospital linen carts

Make sure you buy a cart that is in line with your requirements. On top of that, it is important that the cart is made from high grade materials. Your carts will be handling a lot of abuse from your employees. It is imperative thus that they are tough and durable.