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What you need to know about Pink Eye?

Are you suffering from inflammation of the inside part of your eyelids? If so, it is likely that you are dealing with a certain eye disease called conjunctivitis or more commonly known as pink eye. This kind of inflammation typically causes redness. It tends to irritate the eyes that makes it difficult for a person to see. The membranes inflame for some reasons such as allergens, irritants, viruses, bacterial infections, and a lot more. Before it ends up to the situation where you need the expertise of cosmetic surgeon, break free from the risks by knowing more about Pink eye.

Types of Pink Eye


  • Allergic Pink Eyes. There are a lot of allergens which can lead topink eyesuch as animal dander, dust, and pollen. These elements can usually cause an eye to swell, cause an itching and can cause to tear the eye membranes. You can get a medication which is prescribed by your doctor but this is usually not needed.
  • Irritant Pink Eyes. Any type of irritating substance that enters the eyes can cause irritant to your eyes. The typical ones are household cleaners, industrial pollutants, smog and smoke. In case you are infected by this inflammation, you need to visit your doctor because some of these irritants can cause real damage to your eyes.
  • Viral Pink Eyes. This is the most usual type of this disease. Adenoviruses are known to be the viruses which can cause an infection in several cases. At the same time, antibiotics will not be able to cure this viral infection. In addition, this type of infection is very contagious. For your peace of mind, it is recommended that you consult a doctor if you think you have this disease because of the fact that this can be caused by an infection of cornea.
  • Bacterial Pink Eyes. This type can be caused by a lot of bacteria like Streptococci and Staphylococci and any other types that can causepink eye. This can also cause some infections in the human body. In order to relieve this, you can take antibiotics as prescribed by doctors in order to help the immune system fight all of the infections. Having that said, the doctor will be able to check if the bacteria has already spread on the other areas.
  • Chlamydia Pink Eyes. Pink eyes can also be caused by Chlamydia, an infection which can be sexually transmitted. Even though this type of infection is not typical, it could also be very detrimental to the health of the eyes. If infected, it is recommended to get in touch with a

The Complications of Pink Eye

Typically, pink eye is known to be a self-limited inflammation. It tends to clear up on its own if treated by antibiotics. On the other hand, some types of this inflammation can be real serious and can threaten your sight since they could cause cornea scarring.

Pink eyes that are caused by infections are known to be very contagious. If you are able to have a direct contact with a person at the time you have this inflammation, it will only spread the infection. Experts recommend to void touching your eyes and be sure to wash your hands using a sanitizer or antibacterial. If things get worse, you have to consult droopy eyelid surgery Sydney.

Pink eyes is a threat to your eyesight. Hence, increase your knowledge about this type of inflammation so you can spare yourself from the risks.