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Your Basics to Staying Motivated

To a shy person, being motivated means being confident – somewhat difficult to achieve for this type of personality. Not that confidence in not achievable to someone who is shy but that the mindset of the person is focused on that belief.

No matter how many motivational presentations you attend or listen to, if you do not change the way you think first, your motivation will be but a fleeting moment. So what is the proper way of gaining and maintaining motivation? Here are my personal tips.

  1. Understand what it is you really want.

If you find yourself unsure of what you want in life, that could answer the mystery to why you do not stay motivated. Not knowing what you want in life, career, or whatever aspect of life you most value will make you jump from one action to another. When you don’t focus on one action at a time but try many things at the same time, you eventually end up drained of energy and enthusiasm.

So by understanding what you really want, you can better focus on actions that will make you reach your goal. By knowing what you want to achieve for yourself, you can choose who to connect with, which events to attend, and what knowledge and skills to gain. This gives you your first level of confidence.

  1. Identify what is stopping you from moving forward.

Though you know what you want to get in life, if you can’t seem to move forward, you need to pause and rethink your actions and methods. It is good to think, “I know what I want in life and I’m going after it!” It all starts there. But if, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to achieve what you want, stop right now. Evaluate your actions. Ask yourself, “Where am I failing? What keeps me stuck at this level?”

Sometimes, what keeps a person stuck can be something or someone. Yes, your vision of what you want to achieve in life is very clear. Yes, you can see what you’ll become in three to ten years from today. But there’s just something (or someone) that’s hampering you from doing all that is necessary. It could be your fear of failing; your fear of being ridiculed or persecuted for what you believe you can do.

Being persecuted by people close to you, people you first thought will support your vision for yourself, can be very hurtful but is inevitable. Getting yourself prepared to face these encounters will save you too much heartaches. Remember, when a family or friend doubts you, it does not mean they hate you or that they don’t want you to succeed. It just means they haven’t gotten themselves in that level yet so they can’t say for sure what dilemma you’ll be facing or challenges you’ll be fighting along the way.

  1. Reduce contact (or eliminate) to things or people that hampers your progress.

Once you’ve identified what’s stopping you from progressing, it is time to act accordingly. You’re afraid because a family member is, too? Talk to that family member, especially a close one, and tell him/her that you have your own fears but that you need all the moral and psychological support you can get from him/her because he/she’s a family.

Are you working on a job that seems too tedious and time-consuming that you cannot move on with your plan? Find an alternative – maybe a job that allows you to work part time.

Whatever it is you do to stay motivated, do not hesitate if you know you get something great in exchange. Watch motivational presentations or read books on motivation and see how successful people fought their way up against all odds.